Creep Squad

My apartment lately is just absolute chaos.
I believe the coined phrase is Interior Decorating or some shit like that and let me telllllllll you – this shit is exhausting.


Like I thought the hardest part would be installing the new pieces and mounting the artwork and the lighting fixtures….all that jazz…. but that is nothing.
The real work is the upfront part – establishing a design theme.

Trying to identify a design theme so that the pieces you buy and walls you paint and rugs you lay and plants you pot all go together is mutherfukkin’ workkkkk.



And the crazy thing about all this is I never been one to be indecisive –

I’ve never had a problem thinking through something, making a decision and moving forward without regrets UNTIL …… until l I had to think about types of plants and giant mirrors and accent walls and light fixtures and end tables and kitchen backsplash and wood panels……. yooooooo!!!



Anywhooooooooooo – I wore this outfit out to bunch on Sunday with one of my girlfriends because I needed a goddamn break!!!! –  and we were ready to listen to some good music, eat some good ass food and do a little day drinking.




Fortunately the pictures don’t show the splash of red paint on the shoulder of my shirt.
I don’t think this shit washes out either.



Bottoms from Fashion Nova (they have a ton of color options), sneaks by Adidas.

32 thoughts on “Creep Squad

  1. I hear ya…decorating is both exhausting and exhilarating! I’m sure your apartment will turn out just right! In the meantime you’re looking pretty adventurous in that outfit! Have a wonderful week 🙂 🙂

  2. Oh, I hear ya with decorating, it never ends. Our current house we bought and renovated it while living it and it was a nightmare. It felt like it was never going to end. And how, I’m loving those red track pants on you. I’ve never ordered from Fashion Nova but I keep seeing all these cute pieces from there. How do you like that sight? What’s the sizing like?

    xo, Jackie

    1. Girl decorating is fun but trying all at the same time LOL!
      You be like, “oh this is cute!”
      And then 2 mins later you’re like, “ugh, how long before it’s delivered??? You mean we’re not done yet??!!”

      Fashion Nova is absolutely amazing for girls with the slim waist -big booty problem.
      No more gap around the waist of pants or jeans. They seem to have really nailed down the art of sizing big hipped and big booty women.

      So if you’re interested in trying them, I would say buy 1 piece or 2 from their site and see how it fits you.
      Typically items that stretch or have spandex in them like these leggings will fit truer to size, but they also have great summer pieces that I mix and match for my work outfits.

      Check them out! I’d be curious what you gravitate to 🙂

      Love you mean ittttttt ❤

  3. I always get a smile on my face when I’m reading your posts. And you look absolutely beautiful! The chaos in your home is certainly not showing outwards. You look stunning! ✨

    1. Weeeee!!!
      This comment just made my who DAAYYYYYY!!!
      Thank you so very much for leaving such a sweet comment, you really put a big smile on my face!

      I hope you have a weekend full of all kinds of wonderful moments ❤ ❤

  4. I usually begin with a mood board and then I choose pics from the internet before I do any shopping; shopping is so distracting and you can get side-tracked, so easily. Good luck, hope to see some before and after pics.

    1. That’s a good approach, to have a mood board yes. Because it really is a process and if you’re going to pour all that money into it, you better be clear on what it is you want.
      Hope you’re having a good week so far!

  5. We’re starting to make some (minor) improvements to our master bathroom (painting and also replacing our sconces) and it does feel a bit overwhelming at times. Trying to pick a color that everyone likes is a pain, and can we talk about how flipping expensive sconces are?

    1. Oh jeeeez, I can only imagine!
      That’s kind of how mine started. I only wanted to replace my bed frame.

      In doing that I started looking at Headboards and then side tables and then lights for the table but what about the actual bedroom wall???
      So then I started looking at paints. But oh, this paint would be great in this room! But if i use that paint then I ought to change / upgrade the table and lights because I want this other wall to be an ACCENT wall…..

      my bank account is like bitch… do you think you’re doing?

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