Oh Mama

More snow is coming….

28 thoughts on “Oh Mama

  1. OH MAAAAN, Dana-Girl, I know you’re kind-of-almost-used-to all-that-shit-weather and yes I know what you’re going through (cuz my family is further up north in Montreal) but let me tell you (in a relative manner, I dare say) : it’s been COOOOOOLD here in Paris too (-1°C or -5°C for us is like a Siberian storm) … last week I cleaned, cleared and trimmed the garden areas, planted all the seeds (vegetables & otherwise) and then it got cold again … what will survive ? how about my gardener’s pride ? optimistic fool that I am … 🙂
    *stop staring out the window, put on a snow-suit (squish-squish) !!!

    1. Ahhh hahahaahaha!!
      Your poor vegetables, yes, you were very optimistic love yet having been planted with your hands, I’m sure there will be life that survives 🙂

      If you don that snowsuit, you better send me a picture :p

    1. ok ok ok…you don’t have to run your low 40 sunny days in already, we get it.
      No but seriously, even though I know it’s March and I’m in Boston, it being this cold and seeing more snow coming like this is EXHAUSTING.

      I long for the day when can leave the house without a coat again – WHEENNNNNN???!!!??!

    1. Aww really? It’s really charming, magical even when snow begins to fall and typical road noises get quiet because sounds are trapped beneath the snow – but then when it’s over and you have to clean up – that’s when the real pain starts lol!

      What seasons to you get in SA?

  2. Oh nooooooooo. It’s supposed to be Spring. Lqtm. I’ve barely been in Toronto for a year, and I’m already starting to get used to the clear blue sky, sunshine and snowless ground, right now. If I were back in the Midwest, I’d still be bracing for snow through mid-May. Hehe. Oh, how far I’ve fallen. How weak I’ve become. =( Hang in there! ❤

    – Anna


    1. Hahahahah!!
      I didn’t know you moved!! That’s wonderful!!
      I envy your snowless winters, somehow I always thought it was colder up there (aren’t they always blaming the artic chill and cold fronts on Canada?)

      Sounds like you’re doing well and I’m so pleased to hear it 🙂

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