I’m still filtering through pictures from CR and I found a set from an outfit I really enjoyed wearing.


I think dress pants and a tiny top are such a great combination, especially for vacation wear.
But really I feel like there’s always a moment ready for them despite their obvious contradiction.


These pictures were taken before we headed out to lunch on our second day in CR.
The temperatures were mid-90s and hotttt.








Later we went swimming in the sea.






Pink bathing suit from Pretty Little Thing (not available online anymore). Visor by NastyGal (go here).
Yellow and white pants from Fashion Nova (old), top from Zara.
I think I stole the red bandanna. Rayban sunglasses (old.)

37 thoughts on “Hermosa

      1. Spring has been great – we just had a baby in December and moved into a new home in March so pretty eventful. I’m looking forward to a week at the beach very soon!

  1. Oooooh that hot pink bikini! So feeling that! And looove the contrast of your tiny top and striped pants combo, giving me all the right chic n sexy vibes. PS I remember you putting in my last post that you’d wanted to see more pics of my ma’s 70th. Guuurl, it’s coming, I had over 100 images to edit! Last week, I put a post up where you can see some of the trad looks of the event and then I have another one coming with loaads of pics of my ma, guests etc.
    Hope you had a good weekend hon, what did you get up to? X

  2. Honey, I’ve not been in your page for a while but I love it!!! and this post <3_<3 you look as hot as the weather!!! I'll think on this out fit and how you rock it next time I visit the gym!!!!

  3. Those pictures are very awesome. The pink bathing suit looks great on you. I rate all these pictures a ten (10).

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