Innocuous in Pink

Goodness!! I cannot believe it’s almost the middle of July, holy shit!!
Happy fukking summer you guys!!!

The past 2 months have been suuuuper busy for me in my personal life, traveling every month, work has been nuts…..I feel like I’ve abandoned my blog and I feel terrible about it.

I need to take my own tip and evaluate how I’m spending all my time because I really do miss you interacting with everyone in the blog world.



I’ve been feeling really sexy lately with my birthday around the corner, snatching and grabbing all kinds of cute items – I swear this happens to my bank account every year haha!


Yaaaasssss huntyyyyy!!
I’m gonna be thirty two in a couple weeks and I am tooooo freakin cute!!!!



Hahaha!! Ok but how cute is this dress from Nasty Gal??

I got it a few months ago when I was looking for something that I can’t remember now but I just remember thinking when I saw it, that this is THEEE perfect summer evening dress.


I love how it fits me and that I don’t need to wear a lot of accessories with it.

Also, Boston is humid AF in the summer so I realllllyyy appreciate that it’s lightweight.
Like really really really appreciate that.

My favorite part is def the back, heehee!


http://ivegotcake.comDress from Nasty Gal. Shoes from Jessica Simpson. Rayban Sunglasses.

35 thoughts on “Innocuous in Pink

  1. Happy bday! I remember that your bday is just a few weeks before mine! You look fab! I too have taken a break. Work is soooo busy and I’ve been focused elsewhere, which I guess is ok for now. 32 is a fabulous age and you wear it well, lady! Xoxo

    1. Wait when is your birthday?!!
      Are you in July or Aug?
      Yessss to summer babies!!

      And thank you so much for such a sweet compliment *heart eyes*
      We ought to do something next year in between both of our birthdays. Maybe go to a food festival or something?
      Food for thought heehee!

      Happy early birthday tho beautiful! Do let us know when b-day actually is ❤

  2. Girl we miss you!

    Damn, my favorite part is the back too. Keep the summer outfits coming because I’m living vicariously through you!

  3. GuuuuUUURLLL your body is out of control in that dress! You’re damn right it doesn’t need accessorizing, you’ve got dat PowPow booty and you’re good to go!
    Life has meant I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog or my blog peeps as much as I’d like but hey ho, I check in when I can and this month will do so even more!
    Looking forward to more of yr pre-bday and bday goss! Xo

  4. Damn girl! You are killing it in that dress. The fit and color are amazing on you. Can we say body goals!!
    When’s your bday? Are you a fellow leo? And I totally hear you about life getting in the way of blogging. It’s been the same for me, I feel like I never have time to sit down and blog lately. Anyhow, hope you are well!

    xo, Jackie

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