2018 Ebbs + Flows

Hoooo boy, I’ve got some ‘splaining to do…
But can I just say, I really really really really really really really needed it!!


Look at it like I took a sabbatical the past several months….and now I get to start sharing my progress and what I’ve been up to 🙂


Really though, I just felt this intense need to introspect and pay attention to myself so I could see what was working for me and what really wasn’t working, I legit am my own therapist 🤦🏾‍♀️


Basically guys, I’m changing.





But changing for real good you guys and the best versions of me are happening right now…so I just need to pay a liiiiiiittle more attention to life right now… is that cool?



I’m not breaking up with my blog. Don’t be ridiculous.

I’m just slowing down a bit.




I’m witness to being in the prime of my life right now, finally starting to have more fun in (and with) the universe than ever before and life is really, really lovely.

Even my career is on this beautiful trajectory, with all kinds and manner of little growth spurts along the way.


Life is lit right now.


The blog will change with less storytelling and recipes and instead I’m gonna do my very best to share all the really wonderful reflections of my life, including all these little growth spurts I’m having right now.


Besides I feel like yall been cooking and eating good for a whole minute, yall not starving for recipes for real.





Happiest of Holidays you guys!!! Here’s to growth, growth and more growth in 2019 ❤ ❤ ❤

(btw how fucking awesome is this coat!!!……it’s from Asos and super affordable!)


9 thoughts on “2018 Ebbs + Flows

  1. So glad to see this from you! Coincidentally (I swear this is true and not creepy at all), I found myself thinking just a couple of days ago how I hadn’t seen anything from you in so long, and wondering how you were.

    I have been horrible about updating my blog, too, but like you that’s due to good changes. Just been super busy with work and life has been getting in the way. I will be around, and I am glad to see you are, too. Happy New Year, Dana.

    1. I think getting comments from you are my favorite comments, I just dig the hell out of your communication style. Lol!

      No but seriously, great seeing/hearing from you too. I’m glad you’re back around too.

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