Zoom-ah-Zoom-Zoom in ya Boom-Boom

I go back to Zurich tomorrow.

And it’s throwing me off because normally my business trips to europe don’t have me flying out of Boston until like 4pm so I have my full Saturday night and a good portion of Sunday.

But this flight tomorrow leaves at 10am or something and it’s throwing me off lol.


So you don’t have to ask, my team and I design and create surgical robots.
It’s called RAS. Robotic Assisted Surgery, under the medical device industry umbrella.


This trip to Zurich is for this other project I’m on where they’re creating this interesting insulin infusion pump and to meet the FDAs required criteria for infusion and insulin pumps, which they HAVE to meet if they want to market their pumps in the US, they need to do this thing called a SAC – Safety Assurance Case.


A SAC is essentially where you make a Claim – Device “ABC” is Safe and Effective for Use – and then have Arguments to support and backup that claim – this would be the design details, design constraints and engineering parameters for the pump – as evidenced by –  _______   – ….testing, testing testing, all of your test documentation.

And your tests to PROVE that the Claim you made above is TRUE….must be pretty much perfect.

You have to be able to demonstrate to the FDA that the shit you put in your design to make it safe to use on humans, really is safe and works as intended – _______ and here’s how we prove that.

So the reason I’m on this project is to help this team do all of that.
Make sense?



Ok so now that we’re caught up got that out the way haha, whenever I have to fly out (sometimes I call it being on the road), I do a restock of all my creams and skincare products because BITCH THESE FLIGHTS!!!!!!!!!


We get to fly Business Class on all trips and they typically upgrade you to first on either the leg going or the leg coming back, but listennnn – a plane….is still….a motherfucking plane.


And my skin feels that dry ass air in all cabins.



These are some of my mandatory products.


Top LeftBelief Moisturizer Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask
This, combined the the Moisturizer above completelyyyy fortitfies my face for winter outdoors.
Like it’s 25 deg and the wind is slapping the shit out of you – this is that shit.
And it’s supposed to be 25F and wet in Zurich next week too, ugh!

Top RightEgg Mellow Body Butter
Beautiful, non-greasy, deeeeeply moisturizing yet somehow feels like whipped butter when you rub it together in your hands – is how I treat the rest of my body in winter.
This is skincare that keeps my skin legit happy, smooth soft and moisturized all day.

Bottom LeftPeter Thomas Roth Potent-C Serum
A light but dope environmental protector for my skin. It’s got antioxidants and stuff but really my favorite part is how BRIGHT and GLOWY your skin lookssss aaahhhhhhhh!!!
It makes my skin feel ready.
I use it in the daytime mainly and put it on right before my moisturizer.

Bottom RightBelief Moisturizer Aqua Bomb
This moisturizer delivers an even blanket of yummu moisture on my face and it’s perfect for the dry-ish air indoors.




I’ll share the rest of my skincare mandatories I use when I fly to LA next month, they’re mainly my nighttime superheros.


Ok, so you next.

What skincare items do you GOTTA have and what are your nice-to-haves for when winter sets in, because its January and we got a lot of winter coming up fam ❤

24 thoughts on “Zoom-ah-Zoom-Zoom in ya Boom-Boom

    1. The sweetest message ❤️❤️❤️
      Thank you!!
      How are ya babygirl? I miss your posts, lots of catch up for me to do 🤦🏽‍♀️

      Did you have a good new year? Travel anywhere? What’s this year looking like for you?

      1. I haven’t been posting much myself. New Year’s Eve–I went to bed at 8.30pm, lol. A busy past year, and a busy start to the new–‘hope that doesn’t set a pattern, lol. I hope to post more by spring 😉
        ‘Hope you get some break from work, even to look out the window… “The hills are alive… 🎶🎶” Enjoy and keep glowing! 👰💖❄⛄✨

  1. Smart and beautiful. There was a two year period where I was flying to and from Mexico every two weeks to litigate a case where because of data privacy, nothing could leave Mexico. I totally get the earlier departure messing with the routine and I hear you re skin care! Have a wonderful time! Happy new year!

    1. Oh yeah I remember that! You were there quite frequently, for a long time I wasn’t sure whether you lived there for real haha!

      Speaking of Data Privacy, what’s really going to kick our butt, is this whole cybersecurity thing.
      We’ve got to come up with a compliant way to meet all these new cybersecurity threats and challenges that satisfies both the EU’S regulations as well as the FDA’S.

      Do you have any other trips coming up this year? How’s work going for you in general? Happy New Year beautiful woman!

      1. That sounds like it’ll be tough. Work is going well. No more traveling, just for vacation. We just got back from the White Mountains, which was awesome. I need to do mire fun adventuring in the wintertime. Happy new year to you, lady!

    1. Ooooo!! I have SO many questions!
      I used to use their Retinol which treated my skin so lovely but secretly broke me out 😑
      My questions are mainly around how you know what to choose from yeah, they have a large selection of products and all of them seem pretty potent.

      1. Potent AND cheap so true story I played Russian roulette (blog most definitely coming) with products because I like to live on the edge with my face hehehe …but I did hecka reviewing in laymen terms cuz who can decipher?!?! Anywho don’t waste your money on the caffeine. The squalene is THE GOAT 🐐 I wanna love the retinol (I do I think it’s my pillow case) buffet is sticky but good especially before a cream (hello and goodbye winter crack mouth) but truth be told L’Oréal hyaluronic acid is better but that jawn a whole $25 so…. girl. 😐 lol but that’s my short version rundown they also have this facial acid that looks like blood and burns… sounds super scary but I’m into it. It’s a Saturday night no man but great wine vibe.

      2. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Girl!!

        Ok ok ok so hold up, tell me about the Squalene girl!
        What exactly is it and how did you know you need it?
        This is the one I heard about the most from their brand so I’m super curious 👀👀

      3. Misssseed this. The their “super” oil. I call it the every oil. When I’m dry it moisturizes and STAYS moisturizing. When I’m oily it doesn’t make me an oil slick it’s does some moisture balance thing and it doesn’t clog my pores. Squalene is both the goat and crack I’d buy two.

  2. Enjoy Zurich. You have a very interesting and important job. No wonder the posting has slowed down a bit. I wish you and your team all the best with the robotics. Send me some chocolate….and pleasant flight!

    1. The chocolate here is bomb and I would totally send you some if you live in the US!
      We’re making some progress but it’s going to take quite some time to breakdown all the hazards. Especially when the design keeps changing (they’re modifying it again because our clinical trial showed that people still didn’t understand what their interaction with the device should be), it takes even longer.

      Me thinks I’ll get to know Zurich real good 🙂
      ❤ ❤

  3. After randomly trying Kiehl’s products when I dropped in at an Equinox during business travel, I’m hooked on their moisturizers–I have one with 30 SPF for daytime and the Ultra which I use at night. I also have some stuff from The Ordinary, but I’m still figuring out what I like the best. (At least the stuff is cheap enough to allow for experimentation!) I like the caffeine drops for under the eyes and the niacinamide+zinc for dealing with acne. I hope you had safe travels to Zurich!

    1. Kiehl’s products are really good! And I love that a good portion of them are unscented ❤
      I've even got most of my guy friends using one version or another of their products.
      Leaving dry skin in 2018 hunnaaay!

      Caffeine drops…now that's new, I haven't heard much about that I'll have to look into that.

      (@Equinox – ohh you fancyyyyy!)

  4. That’s impressive. Hope you had a great flight and a successful time in Zurich. Staying hydrated on a flight is crucial, no alcohol and for some reason, orange juice (a friend was a flight attendant and she suggested that).

    1. Thanks a lot!
      I can’t commit to nooooo alcohol entirely :/…but I always travel with a big ass bottle of water and refill it constantly.

      It’s currently snowing here in Zurich. Somehow it’s cute. Maybe it’s the all the mountains and wide landscape.

      Happy (almost) weekend ❤

  5. aaaand she’s back ( ; thanks for letting us into your work and what you do. It’s a bit like Japanese to me but I love hearing about peeps’ different professions. Actually, my 13 year old niece wants to get into medicine from the technology angle so I’ll ask her if this is the field she meant coz when she explained it to me I was like ‘uhhhh, ermmm, but ermm’.
    Stay hydrated hon! Xo

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