All the Way Up

Woooo!!! Merry Spring everyone!!
(I hope you know the merry buck doesn’t stop at Christmas tuh!)


Been caught up with work (per usual) and tending my proverbial garden when I’m not working but rest assured, your girl is still very much alive.



Been munching on corn, rice, beans, all kinds of fish/seafood, polenta, brown rice pastas, Israeli cous cous, every kind of veggie (except Daikon but including Okra – I don’t like Daikon root, that shit is weird as fuck), sweet potatoes, coconut derivatives, vegan protein powders, peanut butter cookies, popcorn treats, nutssssss, seafood soup variations, ramen bowls and using Dill more often….


I ain’t mad.


Life is currently full of bright colors, good food, peace, abundance and happiness ❀




…..Oh and warmer weather!



13 thoughts on “All the Way Up

  1. Yessssss to warmer weather and seeing your beautiful face! This winter was too dang long and cold as efff!
    Happy to hear you’re doing well! Have a great weekend!

    xo, Jackie

    1. Jackie!!!
      Thanks babygirl!! I see you still slayingggg the game on IG boo, you look absolutely flawless ugh!
      Hopefully you’ve got some warm rays of sunshine and gentle weather by you as well.
      Miss ya boo! Mwah ❀

  2. Hon, it’s great to see you looking so happy! Believe it or not, I made sweet potato, mash sweet potato for the first time last week and I’m having fun finding new ways to make mash combos! Have a lovely weekend hon. Hugs

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