Never too Late – Summer Update!

Summer 2019 is going mighty fine.

Feeling compelled to post what I’ve been up to lately.
This will be a mostly visual post



May was a nice long getaway into the gentle landscape of Tulum and Quintana Roo, MX.

Tulm’s this little coastal village turned commercial eco city, full of extraordinarily kind and gifted people who loved without expectation and readily folded me into their tribe.





I’ve been busy growing up guysssss.

I resist the call the post on this blog daily because I see more and more that the real treasures, those beautiful moments brimming with meaning – those are wayyy too good to break the spell and capture on camera.



The smiles that rise on our faces when we’re content. The hugs and touches that comfort and reassure. The expressions of appreciation for our work, for what we bring, for who we are, what we represent, what we stand for, what we stand against. That we’re alive.


Thankful for the good folks that I call my dear friends for coming together, all of them, to celebrate my birthday.
For putting their spotlight on my well-being and personal growth, celebrating every little achievement right along with me.

Feeling extremely proud to call them my tribe.


Days are beautiful, nights are well spent.

More coming. ❤ ❤


19 thoughts on “Never too Late – Summer Update!

  1. I’m so happy you’re living your best life!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I totally understand the inclination to say "hey, let's just live the moment and not document it for the internet or even document it at all" because there's something so freeing about that. These spaces exist to let us express ourselves as we see fit, and sometimes that means staying quiet. Happy birthday lady!

    1. Yeah yeah yeah!!! OMG Exactly!!!
      It was really eye opening that the thought of taking pictures was directly related to getting internet gratification. Craazzzzyyyyyy! I had to seriously pump the breaks on that mentality.
      Thanks for the birthday love! I’m really on some, “new me who dis” shit LMAO!

  2. This is such a Cancer blog post. When you lookup a Cancer’s horoscope, you’ll see this blog post as an example. But I’ve also been day drinking most of the day…Happy Belated BIRTHDAY! Keep enjoying life’s moments and putting yourself first. *insert heart emoji*

  3. Happy birthday Dana. Looks like you had fun. The pictures are beautiful. I just hope I remember to take pictures wherever I go because I almost never remember to pull out a camera and document the moments.

    Cute bikinis!

  4. I want to be mad away for denying me/us with your great wit n writing but your ass looks too gawtdamn good! And your body in general -wowza!
    Happy Belated birthday hon – and happy to hear you got so much love from your tribe, you deserve it!
    Also smiled at the part when you said you were growing up
    Don’t make us wait toooo long for the next post – Hugs!

    1. Thank you for this comment babe!!
      Ugh, I hear you about the wait, I knowwwww come on Dana!! Whew!
      I got you girl, point noted.

      Popped in on your blog the other day. So happy to see you surviving and thriving. There’s not many that carry that fire 🔥
      Thank you for your honesty to us.

      So much love to you ❤❤❤

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