young me II

I’m Dana..

From the Homepage, you probably figured what all this is about so here’s the behind-the-scenes:

I call my blog I’ve Got Cake because I truly believe that like Cake & Ice-cream, good Food & great Style should go hand in hand even though truthfully, my closet will always be a work-in-progress.


I’ve learned that I am a minimalist when it comes to my style.

I find that I lean towards simple pieces that would contrast each other when combined and I have absolutely no shame in saying that I troll other blogs for inspiration.


But now cooking, cooking seems to come naturally to me.

I know simple ingredients can create remarkable meals, the same way I know healthy food and flavor still go together, and you don’t need to put in tons of time or tons of butter to get either one.



I started this blog because I can’t let myself get too comfortable at where I am and what I’m good at.

Because we both know, there’s always gonna be room to climb a little higher, do a little more, get a little better…you know the the drill.
And it’s so much harder to give up trying in front of others.


So never fail to evolve your style and never fail to eat well.



I curse a lot.
Soooo unladylike, I know, but the food makes it worth your time so…. you know…. gimme a shot here.

And if you’re new to blogging, I’m working on this Blogger Tips page that you might find helpful in figuring out all those little unwritten rules of blogging.

239 thoughts on “About.

  1. Hi! Thanks for liking a couple of my first posts 🙂 I’m new to the blogging world and I really appreciate you popping by my website! Also I’ve had a little read of your Blogger Tips page and this was really useful, so thanks again.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, love your blog, my favourite fresh approach to recipes and eating. And your wise words on blogging rang so many bells. Hope your winter is beginning to let up, here on the coast we have just had rain, sleet and strong winds.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Winter is kicking our ass over here but 3 more weeks till spring and we stand anxiously ready 😊
      Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment, I’ll be sure to keep checking in on your blog as well 😁💜

  3. Awesome blog you’ve got here! Food and style- great combo. I’ll be checking in every so often! Oh, and thanks for stopping by my post. Hope you enjoyed visually digesting those cinnamon rolls!

  4. Hi! Thanks for liking my post on slow cooking, am loving your blog. I have just read the tips for how to be a better blogger – clearly I have some work to do! I am going to continue browsing. Sophie

  5. Thank you for checking out my new little blog, Dana! I am already in love with what I see here, and I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes. The barley salad looks so yummy!

  6. Hi Dana!

    Thanks for visiting my page. Loved your page and followed it! Can I ask for a shout on your page please? I’m a new blogger. I’d appreciate the support! thanks! you’re amazing!

  7. Hi Dana, thanks for viewing my blog. I like what you’re doing here, very visual and also informative with your own style. Hope to see you on my blog in the future. Cheers Tom

  8. Hi Dana, thank you so much for the ‘like’ on my Dark Almond Chocolate and Kahlua Frozen Mousse.
    You have such an interesting site and really am enjoying going through your blogs. Have a great day.

    1. Thank YOU for swinging by my blog in turn!
      Your description of the Chocolate Mouse was terrific and your love for it was very evident, it was a great read!
      Thanks again for visiting my blog and hope you’re having a nice week 🙂

  9. Thanks so much for popping by and liking my blog. It gives me the motivation to keep going. Loved your ‘How to be a Better Blogger’ page. There are definitely are a few things I need to think about after reading it. x

  10. I adore your blog… That being said, I felt compelled to nominate you for the “Sunshine Blogger Award”. So… I presume you can put this on the shelf with the rest of your accolades!

  11. Thanks so much for recently stopping by my blog! I appreciate it. I love good food, too, and look forward to seeing your recipes. Best wishes to you in your cooking and blogging!

  12. Hey Dana, thanks for the ‘likes’ on several of my recipes. I am now following your blog, I love your posts, and love your writing. Definitely will be trying out your recipes 🙂 . Looking forward to your posts. Have a good weekend.

  13. I love your blog 🙂 It’s so authentic and full of style, both in the photos and how you write. I also appreciate the blogging tips for new bloggers 😃

      1. Oh interesting!
        I’ve never even heard of Foodspotting but now I’m gonna look into it.

        Tastespotting is kinda tricky. They’re very selective about which pictures you submit are eligible to be featured but the overall process of submitting a picture is very easy.
        Just make sure that it’s veerrryyyyyyy good quality because in a lot of instances, when you submit a picture, they’ll have you crop it.
        If it’s not decent quality, it’ll look very blurry and they probably won’t accept it.
        Fancy pants, I know, but it’s worth it to get your culinary work published there.
        It does a great job of driving traffic to your blog!

      2. Foodspotting is a place of foodies (Foursquare+Yelp). Pictures can be good or so so but it has quite strong community which leads to actual Foodspotting meetups, as a big or small group. I myself have met many Foodspotters when they travel to Hanoi .
        Tastespotting sounds what I need for my blog, I will give it a try. Thanks!

  14. Dana,

    Thanks for liking my recent recipe blog for Taco Soup at my site, BigSisterKnows.com. I really like the way you’ve combined food and fashion here. We’ve gotta eat, and we’ve gotta wear clothes – we may as well make it interesting, right?

    May God bless you in your endeavors –

  15. Hey Dana, Just wanted to say Thank You for following my blog. It truly is appreciated, and so awesome to have you as a follower. Can’t wait to hear about your NYE 🙂 Take care x

    1. Aww thank you Ana!!
      This is such a lovely comment, stalking and all!
      I’ll be sue to keep my eye on your blog babe, really enjoyed your latest rant about trends and dressing your age.

  16. Glad to chance upon your blog! Imma definitely going to follow this beautiful site. Thanks for sharing so much! (; Cheerios!

  17. Hi!

    I just want to thank you for taking the time to like my post! I’m a newbie and your tips page really help me, I’m mean reaaaallllyyyyy helped me!

    Thanks again

    P.S: I just did my about me section 🙈🙈


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